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Sunday, September 12, 2010


I thought we had a new Christmas card here, but I was having a bad hair day, and Evangel is missing so we'll have to keep trying. Here's a sweet memory. My Dad was given a special book written and autographed by Warren W. Wiersbe. My pastor gave it, and got the special signiture from the 90 year old author, and then, my Dad thought it was a joke! That's what he gets for being such a joker himself. :-) He doesn't even trust the pastor.
We were out in the Boonies so far, it was even labeled: The Boonies. Paul and I hiked with the boys about 3 miles to get... something. I can't remember what. I just know we didn't buy any donuts, tempting though they were.

A stunted blog. I want to add more pictures, and am having no success so will start another entry.

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