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Monday, September 13, 2010


The nicely renovated camp stands amid trees, trees, and more trees. We had forgotten how many trees there are in Maine, but I love them. Any time I smell pine trees, it takes me right to Maine. Square Pond ought to win a Pulitzer Peace Prize.
From the other side, out by the road, Mom's flowers brighten up the place.

And then there's the view from the outhouse. We don't usually go there often, but we had reason to make many trips up the hill and into the little house. The septic system was having problems, so we went back to the old ways. A friend we visited on Sat. was shocked, "I didn't know anyone in America still used outhouses!" We're a dying breed, but there are a few of us left.

We did leave Maine occasionally, even dipping down into Pennsylvania where Eagle Heights Bible Church gave us a delicious anniversary cake. They had a baptism in that lake. About 10 people were scheduled to be baptized. After Pastor Hicks finished, he asked if anyone else wanted to obey the Lord to be baptized. Three more people came forward and went out into the lake too! What a joyous occasion.

Last but not least, my dear parents. They put up with a lot from us with all our comings and goings.

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