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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Missionary Moments-Kenya 1999

One of the joys of staying with my parents, is that I have old photos to go through. We look like messy travelers.

The Kenyan version of the local swimming hole was refreshing. I think Paul was deep in that blackness when I snapped this.

At that stage, we were ambitious parents, diligently teaching our 3 year old Evangel to read.

Paul taught 3 months in Mulango Bible Institute, and then got this snap with the grads.

Kara taught me to scan, but what went wrong here? The sky was white, so the computer just doesn't acknowledge there is a sky.

Kimanzi was a frequent visitor, and I can't remember the girl's name.

Timmy was such a cute little toddler. He learned to toddle in Kenya. We were shopping in Nairobi.

Evangel (3) & Timothy (1) on our porch in Mulango, Kenya, with Kaletkye & Mueni Mutetei.

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