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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

We got to visit a neat farm ( with 19 donkeys! The babies were adorable, but when I tried to get a shot of the cuties, I got nostril close-ups! Donkeys are very curious.
This one has 1 ear up and one down. His mom was a rescued donkey, and he was a little bonus surprise. I wish I could remember their funny names.

Look at the little hooves! Sweet.

Josh and Evangel got to ride the horses. We're too big for the burritos. The Calitz family has a ministry with these horses and donkeys, taking young people on 4 day ride to "The Hell". It was a treat to meet other homeschoolers as we travel.

We had a rough night here in ostrichville. Paul's got a code in his nose, and his chest and feels yucky. I gave him 3 grape children's triaminic in the night, and 3 orange vitamin C's and 3 children's orange motrin, a night-time fruit salad. It slowed his nose down enough so he could sleep.

As he was dosing off, I thought I heard him mumble, "Happy Anniversary". What? Our 18th will be in August, so I had to whisper, "What?!" sure I had heard wrong.

Now you have to know, Paul strongly resists anti-men jokes. He objects to people saying men never ask for directions. He does ask, and doesn't like these over-generalizations. He also doesn't like it when people imply that men always forget anniversaries and birthdays and such. Ever since we got married, he can, and will, tell how many days, months, years, and even hours we've been married at any given time.
But this is not our anniversary. It's his birthday--62 1/2 years, to be exact.

He was a little embarrassed at his little mistake, which gave me the giggles. That pleased him because one of my goals for marriage is to laugh a lot, so he feels he has accomplished something when he makes me laugh.

We aren't laughing this morning. He has to preach 3 times today, and it's cold out, and he feels miserable. Poor guy.

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