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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Check out my mate

I've got a happy husband today. He had 2 good school services this morning. In the first, he saw his picture of Two Ways with the narrow way to Heaven and the wide road to Hell that he drew last year, posted predominately in the back of the hall. The principal told him that sometimes when he has problem students, he brings them to that picture to talk to them and ask them which way they are on.

Before Paul preached this morning, the principal called some students to the front to tell what he had preached last year. It's not too many people who can remember a sermon they heard a year ago, but Paul's sermons are a little different. It's wonderful when leaders appreciate and reinforce the message!

The second school had a sober atmosphere as they were also having a memorial service for a 9th grade student who had died. When Paul asked about the cause of her death, it was that she had had a baby 2 months ago, and died of malnutrition and lung problems. That is sad.

Because of her passing, students were in a more receptive frame of mind then students sometimes are. The principal said that the message Paul brought was more important than any other thing the school teaches.

While he's off preaching, the kids and I are doing school back at Attakwas Budget Accommodation where we are staying. Josh is on a rollarskating binge. He's been wearing them about 6 hours per day this week, and I got that cute picture of him playing chess with Paul in the grocery store parking lot, rolling from move to move.


  1. Hey "Mates" -- It took me a minute to see Josh scoping out his next move ! What a grand idea -- You live and serve the Master in a most interesting and beautiful country. Praise the Lord for the retained response to the Word of God through Paul's preaching. And also for receptive hearts amid the very tragic passing of that little girl (for she was a child who had a child) So Sad.... Let's keep the lamps burning brightly...

    Here in NH - thankful for you there in South A.