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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

What a man

I'm admiring my husband anew today. Evangel, Tim and I went with him to his 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. preaching appointment. We thought we understood what he was to do. Wrong. He thought he had 2 hours to preach to the whole group, do puppet shows, games, songs etc. Wrong. Instead, he had 5 groups of about 15-20 kids at a time, for about 30 minutes. He had about 22 interruptions from kids and adults poking their heads into the room. The message was totally not important to some little people, and some who should have known better.

I was so frustrated for him! To see adults come into the front of the room, take a few pictures, and then walk back out, giving little waves to some kids--um, hello! am I the only one who realizes that is distracting? and rude!

But there he stood, calm, cheery, and focused on giving God's Word. Those 22 interruptions occurred during the first session. The group of little girls listened pretty well, maybe they're used to such thing?

Now, the reason I was particularly along, was to help with the puppet show. Evangel and Tim were the puppeteers, and I was the mother :-) I do have one role that is superior to my mother role, and that is "Helper to Paul", so I left the kids with the puppets, and moved out in the passageway to be the Guard! I didn't know it was in my job description to be a guard, but there's a lot of fine print under that Helper title.

I had already heard Paul's sermon, so I didn't mind missing that, and it was kind of fun guarding the door from interruptors. I filtered out the kids at least, but one lady interrupted every single one of his 5 talks. Gotta wonder! Maybe she was in some official capacity--she had a clipboard, but I couldn't figure her out.

I met one little cutie who wanted to just open the door to take a gander at what was going on. I said no, so she started asking me for things. Could she have 50 cents, could she have my keychain, could she see my cell phone, and so forth. She was a charmer, and a begger. I was so curious as to how one little girl out of the crowd came to be like that, and tried a little interview, but she was too busy flattering and begging to give much info. It does not bode well for her future if she continues on like that.

Well, our 11-1 appointment kept us til well after 2, and then we were rushing off to a more informal appt. we were late for, but with me full of admiration for a man that handles stuff like this day in and day out.

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