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Friday, June 11, 2010

Dumpster Diving Delights

I was just looking at my World Cup entry, and realize what a flop that must be to anyone seeking real news on the World Cup. They want action shots, scores, and details, and I give mirror socks. :-) That's funny.

Today's Friday, trash day. Here on Windermere Road, we put out big rolling bins of rubbish, and then trash pickers flood down our street, looking for goodies in the bins. They will completely empty out the bins, down to the gook at the bottom, in their quest for goodies. It's pretty gross sometimes, but also a nice way to recycle stuff. I can throw anything away, and know that it will never make it to the dump if there's any goodness left in it at all.

I should be appalled by this, but I've done my share of dump picking in life. Yesterday we found a prize! We stopped at the dump yesterday with my friend. Someone had dumped a surf-board/boat thing called a Macski. We paid the dump guy a little bit of Josh's birthday money, and he's the thrilled owner of his own little floating thing. It dumps Timmy and I, so I think we should name it The Dumpster Diver or something. Josh doesn't agree. He was going to call it The Alpha or something like that. Sounds a little sacrilegious.

Dumpster diving is like Treasure Hunting, only messier.

By the way, the first game is over, score was 1 to 1, Mexico against South Africa. South Africans were pretty sad.

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  1. I enjoyed catching up on your posts - got a little behind! I love the "little" things you share and the glimpses into your lives, like the robbery and how it affected you guys. Thanks so much for sharing! I pray for y'all whenever God brings you to mind.