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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Willows

While Paul is preaching in Port Elizabeth, he stashes the family at the Willows. We've stayed here enough times over the years that it has lots of memories. Here's our "rondavel" where we're staying this time. Thatched roofs again! I thought this sign was funny. The Eastern Cape has been having dry times, so water use is restricted, but it just looks funny with the whole Indian Ocean there in back of the sign. It's been raining today, so I think the water shortage must be over soon.
This time, Timmy has been doing a pop-up book of London. We have a new respect for pop-up books after all the time and effort that went into this one.

A special Willows tradition is bran muffins in the tea cups. Paul, Evangel and Tim are vying for the affections of this last muffin.

A new thing that might become a tradition is Hermit Crab Races. We drew a circle and put the crabs in the center. First one out of the circle wins! I think this was one of the fast guys, but I'm not sure. Maybe next time we can put little numbers on their shells.

Daily monkey visits are a Willows highlight. How many do you see in the photo? there are 4, see the baby? That's me, teasing them with a banana. It's not a good idea to feed them, but it's fun. They lose their fear of people, and they don't just beg, they DEMAND a banana. They also riffle through the trash, and make a dreadful mess.


  1. This quaint place looks like it is out of a movie ! Blessings to all of you as you travel for Jesus !

  2. I was able to click on your monkey pic and it enlarged so I could see the baby a bit - how cute!

  3. Cute, but obnoxious! They got into our trash about every day. They ate a packet of cream of chicken soup. I teased one in particular, and a whole group of them came to our house and poohed all over our porch.