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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

gorgeous George gorge

There's a treasure of beauty at the end of this rainbow.

Monkeys continue to intrigue us...

even their cute little footprints on the volleyball sand.

Volleyball: our new family sport! We drilled and played and felt very sporty. I hope we do more in the future.

See the whale!

We moved to George on Saturday where we are staying with a dynamic widow lady named Leonore Bushakowitz and her son Benjamin. They took us on a hike into the scenery yesterday. Today, blogging is about the only thing I can do without having knees or thighs scream at me.

Evangel looks fresh at the beginning of the hike. She was even pinker when we were done.

We hiked to the end of the earth, the beginning of the sea.

We'd better skip the next few pictures. It was steep.

Evangel brought her book. She's a Sherlock Holmes addict.

We climbed down to this isolated beach, where we explored caves, dipped our feet in cool water, and lounged for awhile before heading back. Josh signed his name, so you can tell I snapped this on the way back.
Marvelous are thy works, and that my soul knoweth right well! Ps. 139:14b


  1. Nice play on words ! Such beauty abounds... Glad you are sharing it with us !