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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Daniel Boone & his faithful steed Berwick

I'm in love with this picture. Danielito looks so serious, so aware of his important mission in life, and Berwick is in a noble pose. Our two babies have come a long way in less then 2 years.

How did James and Gloria get them to be still?!? Did Daniel get dumped 3 seconds after the picture?


  1. So where is the REST of the story ????

  2. Hi Sharon,
    I don't know the rest of the story. James and Gloria sent that from Cape Town, and I just loved it. I'll ask them if there's any more to it, though I do know that Gloria made that jacket, from one that was given to her by an Argentinian friend. It was too big for Glo, so she offered it to me, but I just couldn't figure where to wear it. So Gloria chopped it up and made it over. The coonskin cap is Josh's, from Wendy, who sent it years ago.

    But we're all amazed at Berwick, our problem child, cooperating in this venture! Did you notice the harness on her face? She pulls so hard, we got her that "Halti" to manage her, and it's a great help. But I was sure we were going to teach her to "heel" and walk nicely on a leash.

    But if I learn more of interest, I'll pass it along.

  3. Very cute. Our dog, Digital, calmed right down when walking after we got her a Lupi harness (from Amazon). It works so well that I even trust our four year old granddaughter to walk Digi. Amazing. Blessings on all of you !

  4. The rest of the story....Gloria was really there, holding Daniel up, but they removed her, digitally from the picture. That's funny! I should have known. They're really up on their computer.