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Friday, April 30, 2010

I am bad about taking pictures of ministry stuff. I wish I had pictures of the moonlit service in a Xhosa village. Visitation before hand was efficient: the pastor would drive to the door, hoot and shout the news that there was a meeting at so-and-so's house, and off we'd go, whipping along at about 40 k's per hour over some very rough roads. Our city born Kia didn't know what to think, but we only scraped bottom about 7 times, and it seems to be ok.

Anyway, over 60 people gathered at so-and-so's house and Paul preached on the narrow way and the broad way. Pastor Frik had to shine a light so it could be seen as the sun finsihed setting and the moon rose over the flat topped mountain behind the village. As I listened and shivered, I just felt such a thrill at the life God has called us to. It's rare and privileged and very satisfying. We're blessed!

So the picture below is just of the fall day which made me want to go back to school, and rake leaves, and be in New England. We're going, Lord willing, in August, so we may get glimpses of days like this.

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