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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A Day at the Shore

A mist moves into False Bay while we observe from the rocks past Simon's Town.
Evangel, Danielito, and Joshua are smiling though about to be squashed by a huge boulder. (Joke)

Our friend Margie Collins (see Facebook for a photo as we neglected to get Margie and Oliver) arranged this delightful day to go observe sea life in tidal pools at low tide. It was fantastic! We took all these pictures in ankle-deep water, with a small camera, but look at the creatures!

Sea anemone, urchins, and all types of shells were so beautiful.

These sea urchins were mostly purple, but their shells are green if the spines come out.

The rough rocks hurt our feet, but didn't bother star fish a bit.

The glare of the flash is the only way you can tell this is under water.

And finally, last Sunday Paul preached at a Salvation Army Church. I got all tickled at their sign on the Ladies' Room door:

Catherine Booth and her husband founded the Salvation Army. Do their toilets say that all over the world? I wonder.


  1. I'm your newest follower. :) These pictures are fun. I so want to take me and mine over to visit! But until then.... blogland will be my portion.

  2. I LOVE following your family's adventures!! Between the movie production below and the wonderful pics of the sea creatures, you are blessed with a busy and fascinating life:)

    I pray for you guys regularly, btw; I know life there is not all fun and games!

  3. Welcome, Hannah B! I like looking at your pictures too. Gloria and I love seeing Duncan, and I know she dreams of the day when Danielito can meet all his cousins. She teaching him soccer in preparation for the Guate. cousins.

  4. Thanks for praying for us, Melanie. I hear you're going to be in New England in August, is that right? Us too!!! I'm so psyched, and I soooo want to lose 8 kilos before we go, even if I don't have a class reunion.