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Friday, April 30, 2010

The Queenstown Chapter of Our Lives

I've just noticed, I'm a pretty pathetic picture taker. Here we were, staying on a farm with wildebeast, zebra, blazebok, warthog, and what do I get a picture of: Beegs, the Beagle. He was cute though.
We drove up here on a Saturday afternoon, and I fell in love with the entryway.
The huge fireplace saved my shivering hide, but not the zebra's.

Our kids loved the outdoor "toys'' like this foofie slide

When I tell people I'm writing from a house with a thatched roof, I know Americans think, "oh, you poor thing." The truth is much more elegant then that. And you can't beat that thatchy smell. I wish it could be bottled.

We're having a nice time, but always miss the family left at home. From the look in Danielito's eyes in this photo, I'd guess he's missing Evangel too.

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