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Monday, March 8, 2010

What a day!

But we made it through without Paul getting sick. I'm thankful.

We left Carletonville before 6:30 a.m. to head for an 8 o'clock service in Johannesburg and only got home around 9:30 at night, so it was a full day.

We really enjoyed the church in Jo'burg. They had so many people that they have three services, each one geared for different people. The 8 o'clock one seemed to cater to older people, while the 10 o'clock one was primarily family groups. The 6:30 p.m. had a majority of singles. The music differed a little for each group. They had also started a church plant and some of their people were gone to support that baby church.

After the morning service we had to shoot up to Pretoria for a conference in the afternoon. Paul only had to preach once, so the kids and I took advantage of free time and went to other meetings while Paul put the seat back in the car and tried to rest a bit.

Josh and I loved our lesson on puppet shows, and I'm very charged to get ours out and in ministry again.

Evangel went to a music lesson and got some ideas to teach to her girls in Cape Town, while Timothy kind of floated between the two.

It took us less than an hour to get to Pretoria following someone, but we got a little panicky on the way back. Gypsy, our GPS, was supposed to guide us, but "she" doesn't know about construction sights, so it took more then an hour to get back to the Jo'burg church. We arrived back at church at 6:28 for the 6:30 service. Ooops. Not a lot of time to set up, but we all pitched in, and they sang a long time anyway, so Paul was ready to preach when it was his turn.

I had 3 near accidents in all that driving, and am VERY thankful that they were misses. One of them left us facing a bunch of grass wondering where the road had gone. Another one was just some slammed on brakes for a stop sign I hadn't seen coming. Got a lot of comments from the back seat on that one. So why was I driving? Two reasons: to help Paul so he can rest and because I've been feeling a little queasy with Paul's driving lately. I wonder why.


  1. Praise the Lord that He kept you safe and alert !! Sounds like quite a day... Thanks for keeping us up to date. Helps in our praying for you...

  2. WHY ARE YOU FEELING QUEASY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I wondered about that queasy feeling for about a month, and then, I don't know. Maybe it was psychological? Because it wasn't what I was hoping :-)