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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Veggie Tales

Making muddy memories.

What an amazingly big flower blossom!

Veggie Tales

Paul has been preaching this week on farms. These must be HUGE farms because he’ll have as many as about 300 workers listening to him at a time.

The first day, he came home with a box of avocados (yum!) and a jar of honey (double yum!) that they had given.

The next time he preached at a chicken farm and arrived home with two packs of chicken (take a little break here and make sure it’s thawed out to cook for lunch).

Another farm gave him SEVEN large bags of sweet potatoes! Sweet potato casserole, here we come!

Now he wants to know why the explosive factory where he preached last week didn’t give him any explosives :-). Actually, the owner of that company and his family kept us and fed us for two weeks, and we swam in their pool every day. Also they tracked down a South African supplier of chalk art paper and bought us 300 sheets. That's probably good for 7 or 8 months. Matt Bowman has good, inexpensive chalk art paper in America, but airmail to Africa is very expensive.

Paul has been traveling with Pastor Johannes to all these farms so that the pastor could translate as well as help to find the places

We’ve been staying with the Frew family all this week. Dad, David left in the middle on his own missionary trip: up to Mozambique.

Our kids have loved being with their kids. They’re also Christian, missionary homeschoolers, and have a similar ideas of fun too, so that makes for lots of good fellowship. Yesterday the kids rushed outside to try to squeeze in a scene for Evangel’s Abraham movie before a brewing thunder storm hit. They accomplished their scene, but then “Ishmael” threw some water on “Hagar” (typical!) and it all degenerated into a massive water/mud fight. Cute. I think they made some precious memories, and I know they made another load of laundry.


  1. Evangel's Abraham movie will be worth the wait ! Kids seem to be having so much fun on this trip. And you too Vicky ! God bless all those dear friends that are blessing your family and the work of Drawing Others to Christ !

  2. I loved the picture taken after the huge water/mud fight. God's so good and kind to give you like-minded friends.