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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Ben and Marietjie McIntyre with their grandson Jonathan at the game park Bufflesvlei.

I'm "cheating" and using a picture from a self drive, game drive, we went on last year in Mokopane.

We've all got Kudu breath this morning which is a novelty. Our hosts, Ben and Marietjie McIntyre have gone way beyond the call of duty in feeding us and doing special things with us. Last night was super special. They took us on a game drive where we saw tons of wild animals---eland, running ostrich, zebra, and my favorite, three giraffe. We even saw reindeer! The reindeer are imported, so that's the first time we've ever seen those in Africa.

However, I couldn't take any pictures as my batteries had gone suddenly and completely dead in the camera. I was frustrated, but later relieved because we all wanted to stand up for the game drive, and I needed both hands to hold on. Evangel had her little video camera, but I'm not sure about putting videos on here.

While we out at Bufflesvlei, that game park, Paul received a wonderful call. A man called to tell us the story of his wife. She was in the Sunday night service and was unsaved. Paul preached "Hands Up" about how Moses had to keep his hands up for the Israelites to win the battle. He taught how we have to keep praying for each other to have success in our Christian life.

Anyway, the Holy Spirit worked in this lady. She picked up one of Paul's DVD's after church from the book table and took it home to start watching. She watched one sermon after another until about midnight! There are 26 on there. Then she got a booklet, I think in Afrikaans, that a pastor had written. She read that and around 2 a.m. was ready to pray with her husband for Jesus to save her. That's wonderful news!

Paul preached in three schools yesterday too. I must say, I've been so worried he's going to get sick again as his schedule gets busier, that I was even afraid to go on the game drive last night. This weekend is very full, but then Monday is totally free for rest so we'll try to keep him healthy til then.


  1. Explanation please - what is Kudu breath? Is Kudu a plant or an animal? Is it an exotic dish or a spice? It is amazing to me that recreational activities include a "game park" with animals not in cages !! So wonderful. And praise the Lord and rejoice with the angels for the lady who was drawn into the Family of God ! Keep up the good work - do not grow weary - He will give the increase. Praying for you all and for good health for Paul.

  2. Here is Vicki's answer to my question. I am hoping I am not the only one reading this blog post that did not know what Kudu were !!! Thought the rest of you might like to know :)

    Kudu are BIG antelope, more like cows, with long, curly horns or antlers pointing straight up. They are gray with a white pin stripe. Their meat is not really rare here, but rather rare.

    There's not supposed to be many wild animals roaming free in SA anymore; they're supposed to be in parks or reserves or on private property, but the animals don't always know that. Kruger National Park is the biggest, and most famous. There are lions, cheetahs, leopards, elephants as well as all the deer-like things. We went once for about 2 1/2 hours and saw a lot. Other people go for days and camp over, and see very little, so we know we are blessed. There, if you camp, it's the people in the fences instead of the animals. :-)

  3. Praise God for the lady's salvation. And for all the souls He's brought to Himself through your ministry. And for keeping your family safe through all your adventures. He's so good. I love you guys and appreciate what you're doing there.