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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Full of questions

James and Gloria have been denied a visa today, and have until January 16th to leave the country. Now what? The Department of Home Affairs said they could appeal. They have already appealed and this was the answer to that.
where will they go?
what does God have for them next?
will they come back?
how do we manage without them?

James is Paul's nephew, and he does all the technical stuff here. He puts Paul's sermons on DVD, gets them in good shape for TV stations, mails them out to TV stations, updates our website, and helps with the sound system when we need it. He has copied and printed thousands of DVD's for distribution, plus stuffing them in their sleeves.

Gloria helps around the house with dishes and cooking and cleaning, plus she has had a ministry to the Spanish women in Polsmoor Prison and teaches a class of wiggley little kids in Ocean View. She regularly saves my neck when I get in over my head with too many obligations.

Their one year old, Daniel is a joy in the family. He fell in a pool today, and his mom rescued him quickly. He's just at that exciting age, 15 months, where he has to explore the entire world, and gets into all kinds of trouble as he samples hand lotion or pushes every button he can reach.

They feed our rabbit Toffee, hamster Louise, and dog Berwick when we go traveling, plus do all the other things that keep the house going while we're going around the country. They fill most of the DVD orders that come in from all over the world.

The Lord knows ! What a comfort at a time like this. We'll see how He answers the questions.


  1. James and Gloria and baby Daniel plan to go to South Carolina to stay with James' aunts first of all. They plan to work on a video testimony first.