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Friday, December 11, 2009

Fan mail

Paul is on TV in Kenya and Zambia, so we get some nice letters from viewers there. I really enjoyed this one today, it was encouraging, and shows that our prayers are being answered.
I'll stick it below so you can enjoy it too.

Dear Sir,

Forgive me for the brevity of this message; I am in Kenya and I am using my phone to write to you.I am a Christian but for the last five years or so, I have been battling despire, the feeling that I have lost my way, of not fulfilling my promises, of questioning my faith.I feel as though I have made all the wrong choices, as though I can no longer look ahead in pleasure and excitement.

Anyway, I was sitting on the couch and this tall man with huge hands was scribbling on a piece of paper and mummbling stuff, and scribbling somemore, and slowley, a picture emerged of some beautiful fruit, and a big fat water mellon. And he was saying, "...don't forget to give thanks...", and, "...prayer begins with praise."And, for the first time in a while, I felt some peace. And I gace thanks.So now, I'm thanking you for doing what you're doing, and your soft ways, and your giant hands. I am thanking you for you.So thank you SmallPaul. xxxxxxx xxxxxx

We definitely need the encouragement, especially sometimes. Last week, when we were stressing over the visa situation for James and Gloria, we decided to walk to Kalk Bay for ice cream. Paul loaded his pocket with Chick tracts for the trip, and led the pack.

This walk for ice cream is such a beautiful walk along a paved path following a rocky shore for most of the way, and then up onto the Main Road for the last little bit. (That's a good part for me too, as I like to look in the shop windows :-)

So Paul passed out tracts to a bunch of people along the way, and then, when we got on the road part, someone called to us. Paul headed over with a tract, with James alongside with a DVD, which he had been giving out a little less freely.

Turns out this object of evangelism was Pastor Percy. It can be embarrassing to give a tract to a Pastor we're supposed to know. These humbing moments make us gladder for the sweet, encouraging letters.

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