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Sunday, November 22, 2009

What a class of cuties! Evangel loves doing crafts with the Ladies' Bible study daughters. From left, we have Joy, Julia, Gabi, Rebecca, and Megan. Josh did a little craft of his own, making himself an apron out of 2 bandannas and 2 belts. Smarty pants!

While on our last trip, in Swellendam, we got to go to the Drostdy Museum. We didn't go look at these sheep, they came to look at us! They were amazed at the boys goofing around on a threshing floor.
There's our 3 kiddos in an old charcoal mill. Swellendam is the 3rd oldest town in South Africa, and is about 2 hours from Cape Town. We could get a feel for what things were like 200 years ago at this museum.

Margie and Amy, my quilting friends, this photo is especially for you!

This floor amazed me. See those little dots? Each one is a peach or nectarine seed! We all decided Josh should make a floor like that if he ever makes a house. At the rate he downs nectarines, it would take him about a week to have enough seeds. :-)

A highlight of Swellendam was picking Youngberries! It was the first time we have ever done it, and we like the fruit of our labors.

Usually in prayer letters I ask prayer that we can bring forth much fruit, but this time it was the literal fruit. We have enjoyed some Youngberry cobbler. Youngberries are similar to blackberries, but are a little bigger. They have prickles too like blackberries.

A few more pics of the Barrydale adventure have to sneak in here. I love to see Paul zipping along in his Sunday best.

And one last photo for Aunt Grace:

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