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Monday, November 9, 2009

Happy Reformation Day

We've deposed Halloween, and replaced it with Reformation Day as a family celebration. This year we joined Peter Hammond at the Huguenot Memorial in Franschoek. The Huguenot Memorial helps us remember the Huguenot people who fled from persecution in France and found a new life in South Africa.
Paul preached behind the Memorial. Josh and Timmy (looking dead behind Paul) helped Paul act out some of his sermon. His board is flat on the ground because the wind was a bit gusty that day.

My camera didn't capture the total beauty of this place, but it gives a hint of it.

While Grace (Paul's sister) was with us, we went to see a rose farm near our house. It's only about 15 minutes from home, but I had never been there. I'm glad she inspired our visit.

Chart Farm as the rose farm is called looks over to the Constantia Mountains. I hope I get to take other visitors here cuz I want an excuse to try their coffee shop--not that I drink coffee, but those little cakes are calling my name. Plus I might need to stock up on roses. You can cut your own for R4 each (about 50 cents in the US).

At the end of October, it was my once-a-year turn to hostess my book club ladies. Our meeting in the living room was pretty normal, but our husbands and sons decided to get together too, so they all crammed in to our bedroom to watch a war movie together. I thought they were move worthy of a picture then our normal gathering in the living room. First time we've done major entertaining in the bedroom, (except for the boys' pillow fights on our bed during ladies' Bible study, but that wasn't "legal" :-)

Josh and Bronwyn (who lives downstairs from us) were a great help getting ready for the event. They liked my little shishkabobs.

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