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Monday, November 30, 2009

El Sobrinito

I don't much like photos of myself, but Daniel's cute enough in this one to make up for my double chin. He turned 15 months this week, and is such a fun little nephew. I like the way he follows our Josh around like a shadow. He likes everything Josh does, UNLESS Josh dares to us the "n" word on him. He's not crazy about being told "no" by anyone, but especially his buddy Josh. That feels like treason!

I was hoping to add a bunch of pictures on here tonight. You see, in Africa we pre-pay for our time on the internet. So we buy it by the gigabyte. We ran out near the end of the month, and I couldn't just let it wait for the next month because Thanksgiving was in there, and we wanted to call the States using Magic Jack which means it's through the computer and is nice and cheap. But, knowing we had a nearly full gigabyte, and that any "left-overs" get sacrificed at the end of the month, we splurged this evening on the internet. For a bedtime story we watched Tim Hawkins on Utube, and before that we saw a bunch of clips of the Duggars on (We're just fascinated with the Duggars. They seem like our kind of people :-)

But my picture adding got thwarted. The pictures I wanted to add are in emails, and I can't figure how to get them out of there into here, and tomorrow we get a new gigabyte which is supposed to last the whole month of December, though it never lasts a month. We always use at least 2 gigs.

Anyway, I also did our prayer letter, and got all the trillions of those sent, so we must have used a good chunk of that gig. Enough so I can now go to bed in good conscience...hopefully to sleep better then last night.

Before I go, let me just tell you about last night. It got wild! A car was stolen to the left of us down the street, and the thief pushed it to the right of us, up the street. The neighbor below us heard noises and went to check (brave guy, Geoff!) He ended up catching the thief and standing on his ankles til the police came! Someone else was standing on his shoulders.

I heard all this commotion and was peering out windows, trying to figure out what was going on. Finally, I went to see, in my lovely blue Chinese bathrobe. Berwick was thrilled to have company outside, so she was right at my side, thankfully, when a policeman walked in our gate.
We always wondered what Berwick would do if...or should I say intruder entered. Now I know! She started barking and heading for the policeman! I got a hold on her collar, but the wind was blowing like the wind blows a lot in Muizenberg, and that blue bathrobe wasn't doing the greatest job, so Berwick got dragged quickly indoors.

Not only the car robbery, but Josh walked in his sleep AGAIN! He's a bit freaky when he does that, talking, smiling, and one time jumping over furniture.

After all this excitement, I was just dozing off, and a pigeon had to have a seizure on our bathroom windowsill! Twice!! I don't know why, and didn't much care at that point, just wanted my heart to stop thumping out of my throat. Maybe the pigeon was just flying, but it sounded like a seizure to me.

So that's why I'm behind on my beauty sleep. I'll see if I can do better tonight.

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