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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Evangel's birthday blender is a delight to the whole family!!! Someone knows how to pick a gift.

We went on a field trip to Groote Schuur Hospital this week to learn about the world's first successful open heart surgery.

The museum was in the actual rooms the surgery took place in. The donor was a girl who was hit by a car.

Dr. Christiaan Barnhard was the doctor who performed the surgery. I was fascinated with this silicone look alike. We are all so pleased that it is a South African who did the surgery, a charming, good looking man who became the darling of the country.

He looked so real! But I found his story a bit sad. He came from a Christian family here in South Africa, but it seems as though his amazing success and popularity went to his head. He divorced his first wife and remarried two other times to beauties much younger then he was. He had 6 children but died alone on the island of Cyprus. I think his parents were probably pretty disappointed in him. "Let thy work appear unto thy servants and thy glory unto their children," is our prayer for our children.


  1. Boy, have I gotten behind in reading your blog! I've been thoroughly enjoying catching up; fascinating stuff, and so God-glorifying and fun and funny all rolled up together! Every now and then you sound like your sister, who I got to go to church with a couple of weeks ago.

    I read the Dr.'s biography a few years ago and found it fascinating and sad.