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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Berwick's in the doghouse again. She really did it this time. On Friday we gave up paperworking homeschool, and had a projects day. I was rejoicing in how well it was going. Timothy, Josh and I got the bunny hutches repaired and painted. Timothy did the sawing, and both boys pounded in a lot of nails. We made some fake sky lights at the same time (painted the boards that cover the holes into the attic like a sky). Things were getting ship shape, and then....tragedy. One of us left the fence open, and Snowball was hopping around lose while we painted his cage. Berwick could not apparently control her baser cravings; she seems to have caught the bunny and shook him.
We were all mad at Berwick, yet trying to realize that she is created to be a dog, a predator, and she didn't do it to be bad. It might have made it easier if she were repentant. She's still drooling at the sight of Toffee and her new baby, so we know she'd repeat the performance if she got the chance.
But we are homeschoolers, and we were having a projects day, so we called Johanneke, our very brave friend from Holland, and asked if she'd help us with the bunny. She was game, so we loaded up and hurried to her house to have a biology lesson and a taxidermy lesson. I have pictures, but I'm not going to post them, at least not yet because I can't find the camera cord. Snowball looked better alive.

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