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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Skogheim Christian Conference Center

What a place to have a family crisis! Evangel, 13, had her appendix burst, and she had surgery in the hospital in Port Shepstone, about 5 k's from Skogheim. Paul was sick too, so the wonderful friends and facilities at Skogheim were such a big help in this crisis. We're blessed, and I want to recommend this beautiful place to others looking for a conference site.

The Prayer Garden is a sweet, safe place to take a meditative walk (if you don't get distracted by a troop of monkeys). It is rare I can take such a walk alone and feel safe, but here it is all fenced in.
Both buildings and bushes blend beautifully.

Ants scurry along a hose highway, with a bright "billboard" on the side of their road.

Bright touches are on the sides of the paths as spring is springing.

Kids don't have to look for monkeys, they can act like monkeys.

A swing is a good place to hang out.

Jungle gyms

This part reminds me of an English garden.

The big pool is so gorgeous.

Beautiful little nooks just call out to passers-by to relax.

The dining room and tuck shop are central, in more ways then one.

City buses bring people who need a break in the country.

This rose bush supplies the vases in the dining room. An Italian king came and saw this kind of roses, and brought it home to Italy, but he had to build a greenhouse for it to survive.

The groups can focus on their meetings and teachings without bothering about meals because Skogheim's staff takes such good care of all those details.

Skogheim flowers from the bush to the vase.

OK, so maybe nobody but a traveling evangelist's wife would get this excited over the laundry area, but I'm thrilled with it. The facilities are wonderful, even when I'm doing oozy wound laundry, I can keep up!

The infant Prayer Garden is getting beautiful.

Bouganvilla brightens the borders.

There's that fence along the edge that makes me feel safe enough to walk alone.

Skogheim scenery.

Majestic palm trees are a treat for the eyes.

Did I go a little overboard with the plant and scenery pictures? I'd have added good bird shots too, but my camaras not fast enough. I've seen bright green, bright blue, and 3 hornbills.

A new outdoor eating area has been added since we were here last. It's romantic looking.
This red door is the start to the big hikes on Skogheim property.

Yep, I got carried away, but when do you see a tree with curly leaves like that?

A church group is served tea on the lawn. How elegant!

Skogheim has sugar cane fields around it. They burn the sugar cane before they harvest it to make it easier to harvest and the smell is delicious. It smells like chocolate chip cookies in the oven.

The people here have been so kind and generous and helpful to us in a time when we felt so weak, ill, and needy. The plants and flowers are fun to look at, but the people are the life of the place.
Sugar cane closer up.


  1. Wow! What a lovely place. Isn't that a wonderful thing that God did in providing a haven for you and your family!

    So glad that Evangel is doing better. What a trial! I hope Paul is much improved, too. You're all in my continued prayers.

    P.S. Was there no to_let sign around that property anywhere??!

  2. I saw your photos and just HAD to comment! I am from the USA but worked at Skogheim for a while back in the 80's. It's my home away from home...LOVE that place. It stole a piece of my heart that I'll never get back. =) Glad you had fun there. From the looks of your photos, they've really spruced up the place. I lived in the Rondaval just near the main building. At the time we just purchased the new property where the banana farm used to be...where those palm tree photos are from. Anyhow...just wanted to say 'hi' and let you know I enjoyed your photos - they brought back so many wonderful memories!!!