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Monday, August 24, 2009

Appendectomy-Before and after.

Here's our patient, Evangel a few days after surgery.

We were with Louwrens and Jeanne van der Westhuizen for about 3 days before we came to Port Shepstone. They are missionaries to the Zulus near Kosi Bay, near the border of Mozambique.

I thought this spider was kind of impressive. It's about as big as my hand, but no way I was sticking my hand close to show that!

We've met some nice puppies on this trip. This is Kari's Pup Sasha.

It was awfully nice of this man to chop off his head so I could get a picture of Paul preaching in a Zulu church in Jozini.

Paul and the boys got to go see Kosi Bay, and this unique type of fishing they do there.

Josh and Tim with Hendrick v.d.W. on the dunes.

A good Samaritan stopped to help us in a memorable moment on the side of the road between Mokopane and Kosi Bay.

I heard this sign means "I'm tired of your smell" and is the name of a town near Mokopane.

David and Tessa Frew are missionaries in Mokopane. Their kids are Berdine and Michelle (Evangel's movie making buddies) and Davy (Josh's little shadow while we were there) and Douglas (my peanut eating buddy--but not the ones with the skins.)

The Reformers, Tyndale and Luther, have yet to attain the dignity of their namesakes, but they're good when they're snoozing with their mom, Sheila.

Josh and Davy!

A beautiful centerpiece with an African flair.

A Mokopane church where Paul preached.
Another view of the snow as we left Cape Town way back in July. It seems a long time ago we started this trip.


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