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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Gabby's Gone

There's Gabby, our visitor for the past 6 weeks. Paul was teasing her about thinking about guys all the time, (strictly teasing, she's not guy-crazy) and there was this sign overhead, and so the teasing continued.
But really, isn't she sweet? Gabby endeared herself to our whole family. She was Evangel's roommate, and Joshua's wrestling buddy. Gloria loved the way she did cross stitch during family Bible reading, and helped with the Ocean View outreach on Wednesdays. She went to the prison with Paul once, and baked several treats in our kitchen. She helped take care of Danielito, and helped do Josh & Timmy's school. She installed stuff on the computer for me, and helped with an outreach in Kalk Bay etc. etc. etc.
Evangel, Gabby and Lizelle got the treat of going horsebackriding at sunset on Noordhoek beach.

On the last full day here, Gabby, Josh, and Evangel got to sit on an ostrich.
Lizelle and her family came to visit. Lizelle's brother Llewellyn and his wife have a new baby, Danielle, sitting her with our little Daniel and his mom Gloria.
Left to right: Evangel, Daniel, Josh, Gabby, Timothy, James, Paul, and the dog Berwick....
when we were walking through the community of Marina da Gama.

Danielito borrowed "Mrs. Hinkley's" (the puppet) glasses. Look at those teeth!

Gabby turned 19 while she was with us!
We were sad Gabby missed this Sunday's church. We went to Khayalitsha and had church in a little Xhosa church made of plywood and tin. Just as we arrived, our car window stuck open--completely open! It was raining and in an area notorious for crime, so we prayed quickly, as well as laughed about who would sit in the car during church. And suddenly the window "healed".
We had another cultural experience too, Paul and I went to our first movie premiere. It was exciting, being at an Imax Theatre, so it was HUGE. We liked the movie, Faith Happens, very much. It is to be released here (South Africa) in August, and in the States later. Good stuff!


  1. So how'd you wrangle movie premier tickets? Did that happen in Muizenberg?
    I'm glad I finally got to see what Gabby looks like. I love Danielito's glasses.
    Nice pics, Vicki.

  2. look at danielito! what a cutie patootie... aw....