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Saturday, June 20, 2009


a small family adventure

May 21st was Josh’s birthday, and we had a fun, special day far from home, but at home in Cape Town, Gloria had a bit of a horror. She discovered Clark, Josh’s hamster was dead, right on his birthday. She and James had a quick chat with Paul on the phone, and went shopping. They brought home a Clark-look-a-like!
When we came home from our trip, Josh noticed a few differences in “Clark”. For one thing, “he” was much more active, and took experimental bites out of us. The BIG difference is this new Clark is obviously a distant relative of Houdini! “He” can escape from his cage, and he does—a lot! One night he escaped 3 times in an hour. I heard a rustling sound under our bed, and had to get up to search.
We had a grand race down the hallway, and into the living room. I lost him there, but found him again coming around the corner of the dining room, and finally got him back into his cage. Within 15 minutes, before I even had time to fall asleep again, that rustle was back under our bed. The second time, I fixed his door shut with a chopstick, and tried again. It was only in the morning that Paul told me he had caught the beastie before my two times.

Gloria’s secret didn’t stay a secret for long. Some other kids spilled the beans. Once Josh knew, he renamed the beastie “Lewis” as the other half of the Lewis and Clark and team. Another small difference is that uh, “he” looks a little different in the back so Lewis has evolved into “Louise.”

Can you tell the difference?
After studying them for 10 minutes or so, you'll probably realize that is Clark by the tree, and Louise in the picture with Josh and Bronwyn.


  1. What a nightmare! Either that hamster or I would have had to find another house to sleep in that night!

    Have enjoyed your blog.

  2. Clark and Louise, eh? Cute. Yeah, it's totally obvious which one is which in the photos.