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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Celebrate Joshua!

Paul and the boys on the rocks at Mossel Bay.
Mom has the boys in a bucket!

Josh is the one with his hand on his forehead with good friends from Ladies' Bible study.
Sailing lesson with "Uncle" Dion

Just what Josh needs, to be a little taller!

Josh and Jesse sitting in a tree...

Jesse doing like a cave man with Josh.

Josh on the Foofie Slide


Joshua turned 8 on the 21st of May, so he gets a whole post of his own.

Josh is a sweetie, a sporty guy, and we’re thankful he’s in our family. He’s got a way with animals and babies. He could be a politician, but we have higher hopes for him.


  1. I was around Joshua's age when I met Mr. Paul!!!! Awesome zip line into the water Joshua.

  2. Yay Josh!! It's an honor to know him.