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Sunday, April 19, 2009

More Highgate Ostrich Ranch

At Highgate's gift shop, there is every thing ostrichy you can think of: gorgeously decorated ostrich eggs, ostrich leather purses, little people surfing on ostrich feather surfboards, fans, lights made out of ostrich egss, and even stuffed baby ostriches themselves. And who can forget the huge ostrich boas! We learned how to make them in the ostrich factory shop, along with feather dusters.

But they don't sell live ostriches.

The scenery around Oudtshoorn is gorgeous. People live in orderly little valleys, surrounded by rather dry mountains in this Little Karoo.

Rust en Vrede Waterfall-about 80 meters high!

This picture is for Kent Hovind. Notice how curvy the rocks shelves are. It's on the way into Oudtshoorn, at the pass.


  1. Great stuff! You guys lead such interesting lives. Love the boas; not so sure about those stuffed babies, though - what do you do, put them on the mantel for decoration? Freaky!

  2. Please Please teach me how to make an ostrich feather boa!!