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Saturday, January 10, 2009

It's Saturday!

After a busy week of homeschooling, I'm glad to have a change of pace today. Paul went to the prison 5 days this week, with his sister Joy, who had a few wild adventures. Prison is always an adventure, but she got locked into the bathroom one day, and met with a flood of overflowing sewage another. I'd say she's due for a little R & R.

Doing school work is challenging right now, because most of the kids' friends are still on holiday, and the weather is hot and enticing for outdoor activities more then sitting around figuring out long division.

The BIG NEWS of the week is that Evangel finished her production of The Christmas Stranger! She started filming over a year ago, dragging practically every local friend into the making of it. It has background music, gorgous scenery, and 2 stories in there! The first story is of a family challenged to make a stranger feel welcome in their home at the Christmas season, and the second story comes with the acting out of THE Christmas Story as the Dad (played by new dad, our own James Young) reads it to his family.

It is alternately touching and hilarious. Evangel's working on the cover for the DVD jacket right now, and then it's ready to send out!

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