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Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Mokopane(formerly Potgeisterus) was our field of service for about 2 weeks. We were invited by, scheduled by, and cared for by the Frews-David, Tessa, Berdine, Michelle, and Davey who are new missionaries in Mokopane. We met them before when they taught in an ACE School called Shayandema, but this year they have bravely launched out in a new ministry serving Black churches in South Africa, but also in other countraies such as Kenya and Zambia. We're really admiring them in this as they are only making ends meet by David's doing jobs such as fixing cars and electrical stuff in between his foreign trips.

Paul preached about 3 times each day in schools, a nursing home, a day care, a men's prayer breakfast (my favorite! It was delicious :-) and a few churches. Some of the school meetings were outdoors so we prayed that none would be cancelled by the fierce rain showers. None were!

Evangel got her filming fire rekindled by the Frew kids. She was thrilled to find she has fans! They could quote sections of her Esther: Queen of Persia. Three year old Davey likes to watch it over and over so they really know that video better then I do.

With renewed fervor, Evangel got going on another movie, about Jacob this time, so Timmy was dressed up and married off to Rachel and Leah (Berdine and Michelle). This means that Evangel now has about 4 movies in the works. Soom she should be ready to present the world with The Christmas Stranger, as well as one about Ruth the Moabitess. There's also a stirring tale of Clark, Josh's hamster that I'm eager to see.

When we left home, I didn't think to pack hardly any medicine but we're now carrying a bunch! Pink eye medication, back cream, anti itch cream are our souveniors of all the ailments on this trip. I think the treasures laid up in heaven are a whole lot better.

We had a new insight. Jezebel must have been singing "Swing Low, Sweet Chariot" as she was flying down from the wall. :-)

We plan to be home to Cape Town on Friday! The kids have their beloved Acts Club on Saturday, and I have my Book Club Saturday afternoon. In between, we hope to go puppy shopping.

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